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Still in the “Job Mode?”

Imagine this.

30 days from now, your life has changed in a way that you never thought possible. You’ve discovered a cool and viable startup idea – one that you can pour your heart into (and actually pull off) – based on your strengths and on your terms.

In the past, you’ve never considered yourself to be an entrepreneur. But now, you’re uniquely confident about your discovery. Just 30 days prior, you were shrouded in career uncertainty. Today, however, the clouds have dispersed. You see a clear path forward.

“Interesting,” you think. “Life feels more precious.”

As a result of this clarity, your relationships have taken on new energy. Your zeal has drawn people in. You’re feeling alert and connected. You sense that this is what you’ve longed for. And now, you have it by the tail – your pathway to independence.

What happened? What caused this fateful encounter?

Well, actually, two things caused it.

First, 30 days ago, your friend emailed you a link to Venture Superfly, a new online entrepreneurship coaching app that guides you through a 3-step process of life and entrepreneurial discovery.

“But I’m not an entrepreneur,” you thought.

Despite this reaction, you also considered that your employer was less committed to you than ever, and that you needed to start relying more on your self for your security. You knew that if your employer wasn’t committed to you, you had to find your own path towards fulfillment.

“Yeah – I need to get out of the ‘job mode.'”

Additionally, there was something uniquely compelling about Venture Superfly. It suggested a lower-risk, more personal method of leveraging and monetizing your talent. It seemed more holistic, more human, and more user-friendly.

“This is something I can relate to.”

So, after viewing the Venture Superfly videos and tour page, you scratched your creative itch. You bit the bullet and signed up.

During the next 30 days, you committed one hour each day to completing the app’s exercises. You breezed through the holistic 3-step process of (1) Design Your Life, (2) Design Your Idea and (3) Design Your Business.

Bingo. In just 30 days, you’ve become energized, focused and optimistic. You’re out of your rut and ready to contribute something meaningful to the world.

Imagine that.

Will you experience a similar transformation 30 days from now? To learn how, visit Venture Superfly, review the tour page, and watch the intro videos. And let us know if you have questions. We’re here to help!

Is Venture Superfly right for you?

Consider that the nature of employment is moving towards an agent economy. Trends suggest that we need to think and act more entrepreneurially:

20 to 23% of U.S. workers are working as consultants, freelancers, free agents, contractors or micropreneurs (Source: Wall Street Journal)
By 2019, 40% of the workforce will be self employed or free agents (Source: U.S. Department of Labor)
70% of people are dissatisfied with their jobs

Why integrate your life plan with your startup plan?

Stay tuned! We’ll tell you in upcoming blog post, later this week!

About the author, John

John Benzick is an entrepreneurship coach and the founder of Venture Superfly. He is a Tech Partner at the venture-capital fund of Matchstick Ventures, a Mentor with Techstars Retail accelerator, an Entrepreneur-In-Residence and (former CEO-in-Residence) at the University of Minnesota, and founder and owner in two consumer product businesses. Click the button below to learn more.

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