Ep. 009: Selling to Large Retailers — The Chad Hetherington Interview

Chad Hetherington The Stable
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Listen how Chad Hetherington helps entrepreneurs find retail partners to launch and grow their products. Learn the keys to success in distributing products through large brick-and-mortar retailers.

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Podcast Timeline:

0:42 – Introduction to Chad Hetherington, Founder of The Stable

2:59 – Beginning of the “Give Me the Basics” Podcast Segment

3:45 – Chad describes his company, The Stable, and its role to help bring brands to retail partners, across different channels.

5:34 – Our guest talks about what he looks for in companies that he works with. A strong story; brands that disrupt their category; the strength of the management team.

6:22 – Chad gives examples of the types of brands that The Stable works with

7:28 – Chad describes the success rate of the new companies that he works with, and the keys to their success.

9:30 – Our guest shares details about the importance of launching carefully with big retailers and the danger of rolling out too big too fast.

10:50 – Chad talks about how often new “first-generation” brands need to pivot, or change, based on real-life consumer feedback or competitive situations, in order to survive.

13:19 – Chad shares how many brands he works, and how many employees work at The Stable

14:10 – Beginning of the “Tell Me How” Podcast Segment

14:35 – Chad talks about the keys to success for products at retail: 1. Great packaging and (2) price points that are competitive.

16: 54 – Chad expands on the topic of pricing and the experience of working with retailers on setting price.

19:02 – Our guest expands on the challenges of collaborating with large retailers on pricing, and the implications of pricing pressures has for small brands.

21:44 – Chad talks about how small brands are marketing their brands successfully, even if they have very limited marketing budgets. And how Facebook ads, a good PR partner, reasonable pricing and solid packaging can go a long way.

24:00 – Beginning of the “Let’s Get Personal” Segment

24:20 –Chad talks about his motivations to start a business like The Stable.

25:32 – Our guest describes what he’s most proud of as the founder of The Stable.

26:15 – Chad describes his biggest frustrations as an entrepreneur (“waiting around”) and his occasional bouts of self doubt.

28:15 – Chad talks about how starting a business changed him as a person. “It’s made me more humble.” “I have a different perspective on life than I ever did.”

29:23 – Our guest shares what he’s learned most about himself. “I know that I can do it.” “Can I actually pull this off?” “A drive that I never knew that I had.”

30:06 – Chad talks about who has been most influential to him. “My parents, for sure.” “My wife.” His previous boss at Quirky. Richard Branson from Virgin.

31:24 – Chad offers some closing advice for aspiring entrepreneurs. “Stay on the path that you set.” “Don’t give up.” “Every day is another day.” “Constantly tell your story.” “Don’t let a failure affect your life. Failures are what make you better.”

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