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Embrace Uncertainty

If things are uncertain for you, your family or your organization, embrace the uncertainty.

Embracing uncertainty causes its negative force to work against itself and for you. It does so by converting a negative energy into a positive one.

Enable the uncertainty to electrify and awaken you. Tapping into this energy, and expressing it, is vital to attract the right resources – and to lead you, and your team – forward. The spirited surge will convert your mindset to one that senses abundance over limitations.

Embracing uncertainty will require a playful mindset and problem-solving method. A more sprightly approach will lead to fresh solutions that were unattainable in your previously paralytic world.

Not 100% committed? Then limit yourself to a two-week test. Authorize yourself to light it up for those two weeks.

Begin by writing down what you know about your current situation. Define your values and philosophies. Re-examine your strengths, opportunities, weaknesses and threats. Envision new areas to extend your core talent.

Be zealous and have faith. Remain alert for insights.

Apply your energy with abundance. The amount you give is the amount that will return to you.

About the author, John

John Benzick is an entrepreneurship coach and the founder of Venture Superfly. He is a Tech Partner at the venture-capital fund of Matchstick Ventures, a Mentor with Techstars Retail accelerator, an Entrepreneur-In-Residence and (former CEO-in-Residence) at the University of Minnesota, and founder and owner in two consumer product businesses. Click the button below to learn more.

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