Ep. 044: How to Unleash Imagination and Create New Products — The Barry Kudrowitz Interview

Barry Kudrowitz, Venture Superfly, University of Minnesota, Design, Product Development, Product Design, Entrepreneur, Entrepreneurship, Startup

Hear how Barry Kudrowitz, a leading authority on design, innovation and new product development, helps people to think more creatively and unleash their imagination to create new products. Leave a Rating & Review in iTunes for the Product Launch Rebel Podcast

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Ep. 043: The Launch and Growth of Pure Cycles — The Michael Fishman Interview

Venture Superfly, Pure Cycles, Michael Fishman, John Benzick, Startup, Entrepreneurship, Entrepreneur, Success

Hear the exciting story of how three childhood buddies launched their own bicycle brand, in college. Learn how they first bootstrapped the business with their own startup capital. Listen to Michael Fishman, Pure Cycles co-founder (and our interview guest), describe how he would approach his startup differently if he could do it over again. Hear his…

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Ep. 042: On Launching a Domestic Bike Manufacturing Company — The Zak Pashak Interview

Zak Pashak, Detroit Bikes, Bicycle, Startup, Entrepreneurship, Entrepreneur, Venture Superfly, John Benzick, Success

Hear how this young Canadian serial entrepreneur moved to Detroit, USA, to start the largest US-based bicycle manufacturer, Detroit Bikes.  Learn what drove him to start a bike company (it wasn’t primarily about bikes) and the personal and professional obstacles that he faced in his quest.  Listen as he describes how starting Detroit Bikes helped…

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Ep. 039: On Launching a Women’s Surfwear Brand — The Amanda Chinchelli Interview

Amanda Chinchelli, John Benzick, Venture Superfly, Seea, Surfing, Entrepreneurship, Startup, Entrepreneur, Success

Hear how this accomplished surfer started one of today’s hottest surf wear brands — Seea.  Listen as she describes how entrepreneurship has changed her, where she draws her inspiration and where she finds joy as a business owner.  Learn who has influenced her most, and why she thinks launching Seea was her destiny. Leave a Rating & Review…

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Ep. 038: On Launching Two Ski Companies — The Jason Levinthal Interview

Jason Levinthal, Line Skis, J-Skis, Startup, Entrepreneur, entrepreneurship, venture superfly, john benzick, success, motivation

Hear the wild story about how Jason Levinthal started and grew Line Skis (the first modern twin-tip ski company) and ignited a youth ski movement and helped save skiing. After a few years of struggle and lackluster sales, learn how another competing brand and the X Games helped boost his fledgling company to the stratosphere. Listen as he describes…

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