Ep. 053: On Launching a Smartphone Accessory Brand — The David Barnett Interview

PopSockets, David Barnett, John Benzick, Venture Superfly, podcast, success, entrepreneurship, startup, product launch rebel

Hear how David Barnett, the founder of PopSockets, evolved from philosophy professor to entrepreneur, and quickly grew his smartphone accessory company to 40 million units sold in his fourth year. Listen as he describes how employing “the power of reason” became a key to his success. Learn how his early product assumptions changed based on customer feedback —…

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Ep. 044: How to Unleash Imagination and Create New Products — The Barry Kudrowitz Interview

Barry Kudrowitz, Venture Superfly, University of Minnesota, Design, Product Development, Product Design, Entrepreneur, Entrepreneurship, Startup

Hear how Barry Kudrowitz, a leading authority on design, innovation and new product development, helps people to think more creatively and unleash their imagination to create new products. Leave a Rating & Review in iTunes for the Product Launch Rebel Podcast

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Ep. 025: Going from Rubble to Riches — The Sara and David Russick Interview

Sara Russick, David Russick, Entrepreneurs

Hear how this visionary couple grew an innovative garbage collection business into a windfall of profits.  Listen as they describe careful planning and team-building as keys to their success.  Score insider tips about raising capital, finding the right manufacturing partner, selling to retailers and accessing startup resources. Leave a Rating & Review in iTunes for the Product…

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Ep. 022: How to Begin Your Personal Transformation in 2017 — with John Benzick

John Benzick, Entrepreneur, Venture Superfly

Do you seek new growth opportunities?  Are you frustrated with seeing only incremental change, at best, in your personal or professional life? In this episode, John Benzick introduces the topic of “leverage points,” and how they can help revolutionize your productivity, satisfaction and achievement.  He offers a simple 5-minute assignment to help you envision radical…

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Ep. 018: How Elite Athletes Conquer Fear — The Levi LaVallee Interview

Levi LaVallee, Athlete Entrepreneur

Hear how 10-time X-Games medalist, Levi LaVallee, went from small-town snowmobiler to elite athlete, world-record holder and entrepreneur by conquering fear and competing against only himself. Learn how he became the first person to attempt a double-back flip on a snowmobile. And listen as he describes overcoming a life-threatening crash to becoming the world-record holder for snowmobile distance…

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