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Ep. 051: On Launching a Tea Company — The Jim Lamancusa Interview

Cusa Tea, Venture Superfly, John Benzick, Jiim Lamancusa, entrepreneurship, startup, success, podcast, business

Hear this inspiring interview of Jim Lamancusa, the founder of Cusa Tea company.  Listen as he describes the joys of starting the world’s first “premium instant tea” brand, along with his advice on partnering with a manufacturer, selling to retailers, proper price strategy and overcoming bouts of self doubt. Leave a Rating & Review in iTunes…

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Ep. 048: On Launching an Innovative Baked Goods Company — The Michael Tierney Interview

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Learn how young Michael Tierney, the founder of Mikey’s Muffins, launched his company and, within three short years, is selling through major grocery retailers. Hear how he gets motivated, mostly, by failure. Listen as he describes what he’s most proud of along his entrepreneur journey, and what frustrates him the most as a business owner. Learn his…

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Ep. 047: On Launching Justin’s Nut Butter — The Justin Gold Interview

Entrepreneur, startup, justin gold, john benzick, venture superfly, product development

Hear this exciting interview with Justin Gold, the founder of Justin’s Nut Butter.  Listen as he describes overcoming a deluge of obstacles in starting and growing his company.  Learn where he discovered his entrepreneurial drive, how he raised money and why he still doesn’t know what he’s good at — despite his tremendous startup success. Leave a…

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Ep. 046: On Launching a Healthy Food and Beverage Brand — The Rita Katona Interview

Rita Katona, Venture Superfly, So Good So You, Entrepreneur, startup, entrepreneurship, success, podcast

Hear how Rita Katona followed her passion to launch a healthy food and beverage company called So Good Brands, Inc. Listen as she shares her inspiration to start the company, and her biggest joy as an entrepreneur.  Learn Rita’s biggest challenge of managing multiple business models as well as “getting it all done” on a daily basis. Hear…

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Ep. 044: How to Unleash Imagination and Create New Products — The Barry Kudrowitz Interview

Barry Kudrowitz, Venture Superfly, University of Minnesota, Design, Product Development, Product Design, Entrepreneur, Entrepreneurship, Startup

Hear how Barry Kudrowitz, a leading authority on design, innovation and new product development, helps people to think more creatively and unleash their imagination to create new products. Leave a Rating & Review in iTunes for the Product Launch Rebel Podcast

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