I help the world's nonconformists achieve entrepreneurial success.

Turn your uniqueness into a strength -- and defy the naysayers.

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What Others Say

"I absolutely love the process. Seriously! I feel like I am now making progress!" - Pamela Mzezewa

"Venture Superfly helped me discover a motivating business idea, while staying true to myself." - Kate Dougherty

"Venture Superfly's holistic process helped our clients discover their entrepreneurial courage." - Jan Jordet, Director of Consulting, MEDA

"John was a great listener and helped me see my business in a whole new way." - Michael Fasbender

"I couldn't ask for a better mentor. I always walk away from my conversations with John feeling energized and motivated -- but I also walk away with 2 to 3 things I can do today, to help grow my business." - Matt Long

"Working with John was hugely beneficial. Since he had been there before - he helped me go from fuzzy thinking to concrete action." - Severin St. Martin

"John's valuable tools and expert insights saved me both time and angst. Highly recommended!" - Zack Steven

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Schedule a Free 20-Minute Consultation Now!

Do you want one-on-one entrepreneurship help from top industry pros?

Take the Business Launch Course

Venture Superfly offers a comprehensive, self-paced online course for entrepreneurs that are serious about starting a business. It's a course that helps you align your personal traits with a business idea to double your entrepreneurial courage.

With Venture Superfly step-by-step process, there’s less stumbling around in the dark.  There's less wasted resources and fewer false starts.

Our unique 3-Step WholeVenture™ learning system enables you to build a business based on your desired lifestyle, on your strengths and on your terms.  We call it “inside-out entrepreneurship.”

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