Product Launch Course

Learn how to launch your own consumer product!

This step-by-step course is a simple, amazingly effective way to turn your ideas into reality . . . and a chance to achieve new-found freedom.

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"John's valuable tools and expert insights saved me both time and angst. Highly recommended!"

Zack Steven

Here's What You Need to Know About the Course

Within Six 1-Hour Sessions, Imagine Learning How To:

Spot a Product Opportunity

Opportunities abound, and we see new products popping up every day. Trouble is, how do you find a good and profitable one? And how do you best evaluate an idea that you already have? We'll show you how.

Create & Test a Product Idea

Most product launches are unnecessarily wasteful and ineffective due to poor testing. We help you test your idea cheaply and quickly so you can create a product that is demanded by customers.

Raise Money for the Business

Short on cash for your startup? Don't know where to turn for financial support? We'll help you determine how much you'll need and how to find and approach the right money sources.

Manufacture the Product

Find out whether it's better to manufacture the product yourself, have someone else do it, or license the idea to a third party. And learn the best way to tackle these options.

Generate Ongoing Sales

Here you'll learn basic marketing principles, and discover proven ways to generate customer demand and loyalty, both online and off.  Additionally, you'll see how to sell into retail channels and recruit your own sales team. 

Lead and Grow the Business

First-time entrepreneurs can be intimidated by managing others and managing the day-to-day operations of a growing business. Here, we'll reveal simple tricks to make it easier.

There’s a big misconception in the online world of entrepreneurship – that the best new business opportunities are digital-oriented – in blogging, podcasting, subscription-services or other information products.

Contrary to what you hear, however, did you know that in the U.S.:

  • the sale of physical products dwarf those of digital products, and 94 percent of retail sales are still generated in brick-and-mortar stores (1)(2)
  • 70 percent of consumers prefer to shop a brick-and-mortar store versus a dot-com store, and 90 percent are more likely to buy when helped by a knowledgeable associate (3)
  • consumers pay significantly more for products that they can view in person (4)

And how about the other myth – that it’s “easier than ever” to launch an online business.

But, as you’ve probably experienced, launching an online business anything but easy.

Consider that most blogs, podcasts and other digital-based products never make a profit, and that the most profitable types of small businesses are not web-based companies.

If you're attracted to a more tangible physical-product-based business -- one you can touch, feel, and demonstrate -- Venture Superfly’s “How to Launch a Physical Product” course is the right one for you!

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Meet Your Instructor

John Benzick Image

John Benzick: Startup Catalyst

In a world of change and uncertainty, I help people double their entrepreneurial courage -- even if they're in a sea of self doubt.

My efforts to coach entrepreneurs include creating Venture Superfly, a website that helps entrepreneurs create a higher-performing startup.  

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Additionally, I am an Entrepreneur-in-Residence at the University of Minnesota, where I mentor student entrepreneurs; I am also a Tech Partner with Matchstick Ventures, an early-stage tech venture capital fund. Prior to this, I was a CEO-in-Residence at the university’s Venture Center and an owner in three startups (two of which were consumer-product companies).

I’ve worked on innovation projects with Best Buy, Hershey’s, Procter & Gamble, LensCrafters, S.C. Johnson, Chase Bank, Philip Morris International and other companies.

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Product Launch Videos

Learn How Top Entrepreneurs Conquered Self Doubt [20+ videos]

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"Working with John was hugely beneficial. Since he had been there before - he helped me go from fuzzy thinking to concrete action."

Severin St. Martin

No Risk 100% Money Back Guarantee

Product Launch Guarantee

We believe so strongly in this course that we've decided to take on ALL the risk.

So if for any reason you are not happy with the course, we'll give you 100% of your money back within the first 30 days.

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Business Plan Launch

Get a Free Business Plan Template

Sign up for our Product Launch Course and get this free business plan template.  This simple-to-use tool can help reduce time and money and reduce your writing frustration by up to 90%.

What this template contains:

  • a 6-page easy-to-use template
  • a 1-page version of the template
  • a version that shows an example

Frequently Asked Questions

What specifically will I learn from this course?

When you complete this course, you will have learned the key steps on how to launch your own physical consumer product.  

This will include everything from how to identify and test a product idea (in ways that are quick and low cost), how to find money to manufacture and launch the product, how to find and work with a manufacturer, how to generate sales by working with retailers and using online methods and how to lead and grow the business.

Is this course only for people that intend to launch a physical consumer product?

Yes, but not entirely.

Overall, this course is primarily for those that intend to launch a physical product for consumers (or end users), including those sold to consumers through retail channels.

For those that intend to launch a non-physical digital product, however, or even launch a product sold to other non-retail businesses (and not consumers), this course can be useful in teaching the fundamentals of product development strategy, marketing thinking, and business development in general.

If you have any questions about this, please contact us HERE, and ask us a question regarding this course.

How will this course teach me how to launch a product?

We will use webinars to teach the course.  Each webinar will be 1 to 2 hours in length.   

There will be 6 planned sessions, plus one bonus session.  There will be one session per week.  Each session will focus on one of the key steps to launch a consumer product.  

The webinars will be recorded so you can study the lessons as much as you wish.

How long will it take for me to implement these learning modules and see results?

You can immediately begin implementing the steps necessary to create, test or launch your product, once you complete each lesson.

But the length of time to complete the actual tasks for each lesson will vary depending on the nature of your product idea.  

For example, it may take one person to find a manufacturer within a few days; but it might take another person to spend a month or more finding the right manufacturing partner.

For each new weekly lesson that you begin, you may be working on previous lesson activities in addition to the current weekly lesson.

Will there be costs, in addition to this course, when launching a product?

In addition to this course, there will likely be more costs for you to launch your product.  

Those costs won't be paid to Venture Superfly, but may be spent on other suppliers to help you with prototyping, manufacturing, marketing, sales teams and other business-building efforts.  

For example, Facebook Ad costs.  Or hiring a freelance engineer to help with a specific aspect of your product design.

Our course will help you determine the activities needed to launch your product, the costs associated with those activities, as well as how to raise money for those activities, if necessary.

What if I cannot attend all of the live learning sessions?

It's common for most people to miss a live lesson or two.  You need not worry about this, since we will be recording all of the sessions.  So you can watch the lessons at a time that works for your schedule.

What if I don't like the training after I start it?

We offer a 30-day money-back guarantee if you feel that our program isn't what you expected.  So you have nothing to lose!

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Product Launch E-Book

Learn How to Attract Investors and Other Key People to Your Business

Sign up for our Product Launch Course and get this free e-book on how to attract VIPs to your business.  

Follow this proven two-step process to triple your success rate, even with VIPs that don’t know you from Adam.

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"I absolutely love the process. Seriously! I feel like I am now making progress!"

Pamela Mzezewa

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