Ep. 036: On Starting an Outdoor Consumer Electronics Brand — The Caro Krissman Interview

Caro Krissman, Outdoor Tech, Venture Superfly, Entrepreneur, John Benzick, Startup

Hear how this perpetual entrepreneur, Caro Krissman, launched the consumer electronics brand, Outdoor Tech, to better serve outdoor enthusiasts.  Learn how his network of peers motivated him to achieve. Listen as he describes how entrepreneurship has changed him — as well as his biggest joys and frustrations along his entrepreneurial path. Leave a Rating & Review in…

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Ep. 015: 8 “Must Do” Tips on How to Launch a Physical Product — With John Benzick

Venture Superfly entrepreneur

Are you thinking about launching a consumer product business?  Then get the inside scoop on how to boost your chances for success.  Listen to John’s 8 insider tips on how to launch a product, even if you’re feeling frustrated, confused and uncertain. Leave a Rating & Review in iTunes for the Product Launch Rebel Podcast Get…

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Ep. 014: How to Find Your Career “Sweet Spot” — with John Benzick

Find Your Career Venture Superfly

In your career, do you feel like you’re using your talents and being rewarded for them?  Are you operating in the best environment, with the right people, that will maximize your career satisfaction, growth and income? Listen to John explain how you can find your career “sweet spot” to compete on your terms and on…

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Ep. 012: How to Conquer Rejection (Even If You’re In a Sea of Self Doubt) — With John Benzick

John Benzick Entrepreneur

Is the fear of rejection holding you back? Hear John Benzick, the host of the Product Launch Rebel podcast, explain his “Top 8 Tips for Conquering Rejection.” Listen to his specific proven methods on how he has reduced his chances of rejection by up to 75%, even while requesting things from investors, potential customers and other…

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Ep. 009: Selling to Large Retailers — The Chad Hetherington Interview

Chad Hetherington The Stable

Listen how Chad Hetherington helps entrepreneurs find retail partners to launch and grow their products. Learn the keys to success in distributing products through large brick-and-mortar retailers. Leave a Rating & Review in iTunes for the Product Launch Rebel Podcast Podcast Timeline: 0:42 – Introduction to Chad Hetherington, Founder of The Stable 2:59 – Beginning…

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