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Ep. 044: How to Unleash Imagination and Create New Products — The Barry Kudrowitz Interview

Barry Kudrowitz, Venture Superfly, University of Minnesota, Design, Product Development, Product Design, Entrepreneur, Entrepreneurship, Startup

Hear how Barry Kudrowitz, a leading authority on design, innovation and new product development, helps people to think more creatively and unleash their imagination to create new products. Leave a Rating & Review in iTunes for the Product Launch Rebel Podcast

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Ep. 036: On Starting an Outdoor Consumer Electronics Brand — The Caro Krissman Interview

Caro Krissman, Outdoor Tech, Venture Superfly, Entrepreneur, John Benzick, Startup

Hear how this perpetual entrepreneur, Caro Krissman, launched the consumer electronics brand, Outdoor Tech, to better serve outdoor enthusiasts.  Learn how his network of peers motivated him to achieve. Listen as he describes how entrepreneurship has changed him — as well as his biggest joys and frustrations along his entrepreneurial path. Leave a Rating & Review in…

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Ep. 027: How to Launch a Pillow Company and Awaken a Sleepy Industry — The Mike Lindell Interview

Mike Lindell, Entrepreneur, MyPillow

Hear the extraordinary success story of Mike Lindell, the Founder of MyPillow, Inc. Learn how he overcame a deluge of rejection, legal mistakes and drug addition to rapidly grow into a $500 million dollar company. Discover how he ignored “expert” advice to manufacture his product overseas and, instead, created a U.S.-based factory that now employs nearly 1600 employees in…

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Ep. 025: Going from Rubble to Riches — The Sara and David Russick Interview

Sara Russick, David Russick, Entrepreneurs

Hear how this visionary couple grew an innovative garbage collection business into a windfall of profits.  Listen as they describe careful planning and team-building as keys to their success.  Score insider tips about raising capital, finding the right manufacturing partner, selling to retailers and accessing startup resources. Leave a Rating & Review in iTunes for the Product…

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Ep. 021: On How to Launch a Yard Product Company — The Michael Miller Interview

Michael Miller, Entrepreneur

Hear the story of how Michael Miller started a yard product business. Learn about his journey of bootstrapping the business; working with retailers, distributors and sales representatives; and working with manufacturing partners. Listen as he describes his top joys and frustrations of being an entrepreneur, and how it has changed him. Leave a Rating & Review in iTunes…

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