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Ep. 041: On Starting and Growing a Pickle Company — The Rick Field Interview

Rick's Picks, Rick Field, John Benzick, Venture Superfly, Product Launch Rebel, Entrepreneurship, Startup, Entrepreneur

Hear how a series of mid-life challenges, and a passion for pickles, drove Rick Field to launch Rick’s Picks, a fancy product line of pickles. Learn how he tweaked his family recipes based on customer feedback from NYC farmers’ markets.  Listen as he describes his biggest joys, and most challenging frustrations, as a food entrepreneur. Hear how he deals…

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Ep. 040: On Disrupting the Food Condiment Business — The Scott Norton Interview

Sir Kensington's, Scott Norton, John Benzick, Venture Superfly, Entrepreneurship, Entrepreneur, Startup, Condiment, Success

Hear the amazing story of how this young entrepreneur, Scott Norton, and his business partner, sought to disrupt the sleepy food condiment industry. Learn what inspired Scott to see a career in “business” in a whole new light.  Learn how he tested early condiment recipes in a college apartment, raised startup capital and chose influential retailers…

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Ep. 034: How to Launch a Green Juice Company — The Shauna Martin Interview

Shauna Martin, Entrepreneur, Daily Greens, Juice, Venture Superfly, John Benzick, Success, Entrepreneurship, Startup

Hear how a life-threatening scare led to the life-changing creation of Shauna Martin’s hot new juice company, Daily Greens. Learn how Shauna evolved from producing green juice in her kitchen, to now producing juice, on a mass scale, in a 20,000 square-foot specialized facility. Listen as she describes her biggest joys — and biggest frustrations — since…

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Ep. 032: How to Launch a Natural Nut Butter Company — The Andrew Kincheloe Interview

Entrepreneur, Buddy's Nut Butter, Andrew Kincheloe, Success, Startup

Hear how Andrew Kincheloe started and grew his Buddy’s Nut Butter brand out of college, with absolutely no business experience. Learn how he humbled himself by making mistakes and facing challenges in production, marketing and small or zero budgets.  Listen as he describes one of his keys to success — passion — and how entrepreneurship…

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Ep. 031: On How to Launch a Frozen Treat Company — The Erik Brust Interview

Erik Brust, Entrepreneur, Entrepreneurship, Startup, Success, Jonny Pops, podcast

Hear how this young entrepreneur, Erik Brust, started a company in honor of his cousin, who — with Erik — conceptualized the Jonny Pops frozen treat idea. Learn the exciting story of how Erik started in his college dorm room, and grew the company into a multi-channel, nationally distributed brand. Leave a Rating & Review in iTunes…

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