Ep. 039: On Launching a Women’s Surfwear Brand — The Amanda Chinchelli Interview

Amanda Chinchelli, John Benzick, Venture Superfly, Seea, Surfing, Entrepreneurship, Startup, Entrepreneur, Success

Hear how this accomplished surfer started one of today’s hottest surf wear brands — Seea.  Listen as she describes how entrepreneurship has changed her, where she draws her inspiration and where she finds joy as a business owner.  Learn who has influenced her most, and why she thinks launching Seea was her destiny. Leave a Rating & Review…

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Ep. 035: How to Launch a Fitness Wearable Tech Company — The Davide Vigano Interview

Davide Vigano, entrepreneur, startup, sensoria, venture superfly, john benzick, startup

Hear how this successful Microsoft executive escaped the corporate world to start his own wearable tech company. Learn how he spotted the business opportunity, identified a key strategic investor and found a manufacturing partner — after an exhaustive search of over 70 contenders! Hear his personal thoughts about how entrepreneurship has changed him, how he deals…

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Ep. 033: On Launching Love Your Melon Headwear — The Zachary Quinn Interview

Zachary Quinn, Love Your Melon, Entrepreneur, Startup, Success, Venture Superfly, John Benzick

Hear how entrepreneur, Zachary Quinn, co-created a business idea in college, dropped out, and led the astonishing growth of Love Your Melon headwear.  Learn how he and his business partner chose to regularly give 50 percent of their profits to support children with cancer, and provide opportunities for thousands of young adults to make a…

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Ep. 027: How to Launch a Pillow Company and Awaken a Sleepy Industry — The Mike Lindell Interview

Mike Lindell, Entrepreneur, MyPillow

Hear the extraordinary success story of Mike Lindell, the Founder of MyPillow, Inc. Learn how he overcame a deluge of rejection, legal mistakes and drug addition to rapidly grow into a $500 million dollar company. Discover how he ignored “expert” advice to manufacture his product overseas and, instead, created a U.S.-based factory that now employs nearly 1600 employees in…

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Ep. 017: On How to Change the Face of Bicycle Apparel — The Brent Gale Interview

Brent Gale, Entrepreneur, Twin Six

Listen how Brent Gale, Co-Founder of Twin Six, became fed up with the uninspired choices for bike gear to spark a revolution in bicycle apparel.  Learn how they successfully bootstrapped their business, without outside investors, to expand into multiple product lines (including bicycles) and selling to international markets.  Hear how they’ve overcome multiple startup challenges…

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