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Ep. 037: On Launching a Line of Fitness Products — The Tee Major Interview

Entrepreneur, set for set, fitness, tee major, john benzick, venture superfly, startup

Hear how entrepreneur, Tee Major, expanded his fitness training business by launching a new line of unconventional fitness products, including — of all things — steel maces.  Learn how he went from strained “solopreneur” to relief by choosing to work with co-founders who offered skills that Tee didn’t have.  Listen as he describes how entrepreneurship has enhanced his communication skills…

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Ep. 036: On Starting an Outdoor Consumer Electronics Brand — The Caro Krissman Interview

Caro Krissman, Outdoor Tech, Venture Superfly, Entrepreneur, John Benzick, Startup

Hear how this perpetual entrepreneur, Caro Krissman, launched the consumer electronics brand, Outdoor Tech, to better serve outdoor enthusiasts.  Learn how his network of peers motivated him to achieve. Listen as he describes how entrepreneurship has changed him — as well as his biggest joys and frustrations along his entrepreneurial path. Leave a Rating & Review in…

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Ep. 035: How to Launch a Fitness Wearable Tech Company — The Davide Vigano Interview

Davide Vigano, entrepreneur, startup, sensoria, venture superfly, john benzick, startup

Hear how this successful Microsoft executive escaped the corporate world to start his own wearable tech company. Learn how he spotted the business opportunity, identified a key strategic investor and found a manufacturing partner — after an exhaustive search of over 70 contenders! Hear his personal thoughts about how entrepreneurship has changed him, how he deals…

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Ep. 034: How to Launch a Green Juice Company — The Shauna Martin Interview

Shauna Martin, Entrepreneur, Daily Greens, Juice, Venture Superfly, John Benzick, Success, Entrepreneurship, Startup

Hear how a life-threatening scare led to the life-changing creation of Shauna Martin’s hot new juice company, Daily Greens. Learn how Shauna evolved from producing green juice in her kitchen, to now producing juice, on a mass scale, in a 20,000 square-foot specialized facility. Listen as she describes her biggest joys — and biggest frustrations — since…

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Ep. 033: On Launching Love Your Melon Headwear — The Zachary Quinn Interview

Zachary Quinn, Love Your Melon, Entrepreneur, Startup, Success, Venture Superfly, John Benzick

Hear how entrepreneur, Zachary Quinn, co-created a business idea in college, dropped out, and led the astonishing growth of Love Your Melon headwear.  Learn how he and his business partner chose to regularly give 50 percent of their profits to support children with cancer, and provide opportunities for thousands of young adults to make a…

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